Niemann-Pick disease is a rare inherited metabolic disease. The disease differs in two causally different types with different course: A and B are due to the lack of an enzyme, C due to a lack of transport of endogenous cholesterol. In Switzerland there are probably fewer than 30 affected patients. We have figures regarding type C. At the present time 14 patients got a diagnostic. Several other cases are being checked.

In type A and C, show predominantly neurological symptoms that usually lead in the first three decades of life (C) or in the first years of life (A) to death. Patients with type B do not suffer from neurological symptoms, but organic. Affected are mostly lung, liver and spleen. The life expectancy of B patients is usually higher. Niemann-Pick disease is poorly understood and not currently curable.


Living with NP-C: The Poincilit family - a Film by Michael Werder.


The Poincilit Story - Life after NP-C Diagnosis - a Film by Michael Werder.


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