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Niemann Pick - Info site about NPC by Actelion
Genetics Home Reference - (U.S. National Library of Medicine, Dep. of Health and Human Services)
Universität von Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) - Department of Neurology, Centre Rosenhügel (Vienna, Austria)

Websites of affected children with Niemann Pick - Family Oetterli with Mael from Udligenswil (CH) - Family Fornfeist with Lili from Germany - Family Hempel with Addi and Cassi from the USA - Family Hadley with Peyton and Kayla from the USA

INPDA - International Alliance for the Niemann-Pick disease
- Niemann-Pick-Association of Argentina
- Niemann-Pick-Association of Australia
- Niemann-Pick-Association of Germany
- Niemann-Pick-Association of Italy
- Niemann-Pick-Foundation Canada
- Niemann-Pick disease group UK
- Niemann-Pick-Foundation of Spain
- National Niemann-Pick disease foundation (USA)

Rare diseases - the Swiss Orphanet website
Orphanet - the Website for rare diseases and orphan drugs
ProRaris - Swiss association for rare disease patients

Pharmaceutical firms
Interpharma - Federation of the researching pharmaceutical companies of Switzerland